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The 2023 E-ATP Conference is approaching soon! Help spread the word and promote your brand, your session, or your attendance. Use this social media toolkit to make connections before and during the conference. Included are social media post suggestions and important links to share about your involvement with #eatpconf.


Attendees: Before Event | During Event

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Attendees Before Event



Assessment is transforming and we’re all on a collective mission to build better and more equitable testing experiences. One way you can do that is to join me at the E-ATP Conference taking place 20-22 September 2023. By attending you will be able to connect with colleagues, share your stories, and learn from industry experts. Learn more here:

Join me and be a part of the largest assessment-focused community event in Europe, at the 2023 E-ATP conference on 20-22 September 2023! This year’s conference offers unique opportunities to attendees through its diverse programme.

I am really looking forward to XXX (add one session, one topic you are looking forward to learning about etc.. here). If you are already attending, comment below to let me know what you’re looking most forward to. I hope to see you there virtually or in-person!


Counting down the days until the E-ATP conference! Join me and dedicated leaders to tell your story and be a part of the largest assessment-focused community event in Europe. #eatpconf.

I’m headed to #eatpconf on 20-22 September 2023 in Vienna! Register and join me with other assessment colleagues to explore and help navigate new expectations in the assessment industry!


Attendees During Event



Today is the day! The 2023 E-ATP conference has begun, and I am looking forward to discussing various areas of the assessment industry with thought leaders across Europe and the world. Hope to see you there! Learn more about the conference and check it out here: #eatpconf

Excited to be attending the 2023 E-ATP Conference this week in Vienna! I am looking forward to learn more about [insert something you are looking forward to learning more about while attending the conference]! If you haven’t registered, it’s not too late! Register here: #eatpconf


Loving these sessions during the 2023 E-ATP Conference. Such great content and discussions! I can’t wait for day two of the conference to begin! #eatpconf

This year’s E-ATP Conference is about connecting, sharing stories, and learning from each other. So excited to be a part of #eatpconf and connect with colleagues in-person!


Sponsors Before Event



We are excited to be sponsoring the 2023 E-ATP Conference as a [insert sponsor level] sponsor! Assessment is transforming and we’re all on a collective mission to build better and more equitable testing experiences. Join us at #eatpconf to discover how new technology and solutions can help us in the assessment industry. To register, visit We hope to see you there!

We are proud to be a [sponsor level] at the 2023 E-ATP Conference, where we will have the opportunity discuss how our community is constantly innovating with technology, policy, and practice. Join us at #eatpconf, the European Home for Assessment. Register today at


Counting down the days until #eatpconf on 20-22 September! Join us by registering at See you there!

With the opportunity to connect, share stories, and learn from each other, join me and my colleagues from [insert your organisation's name] at #eatpconf on 20-22 September. Register today at


Sponsors During Event


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Network with [insert your orgisation's name] thought leaders from the [education, credentialing, clinical, or industrial] markets at [insert Sponsor Session, Exhibit Booth, Networking Event session title] on [insert date] at [insert time]. See you at #eatpconf.

We are so excited to be sponsoring #eatpconf! Comment below and let us know if we can look forward to seeing you here!


Speakers Before Event



Join me for my session, [insert session title here], at the #eatpconf on 20-22 September to learn about [insert session topic here] and discuss relevant topics with your colleagues and industry experts. Register today at

The 2023 E-ATP conference offers every attendee, whether you are new to the industry or an industry veteran, a valuable and inspiring experience. I am excited to speak during the 2023 #eatpconf. Join me at my session, [insert session title] on [insert date of session] at [insert time of session] to learn about [insert something they will learn from your session]. #eatpconf is the place to be 20-22 September! Learn more at


(If the character limit allows, please also include a link to the conference website,

I'm speaking #eatpconf and can't wait to see you there! Join me at [insert session title] on [insert date] at [insert time].

I'm speaking at 2023 #eatpconf on [insert date of session]! Register and join me and other #industryprofs to explore and share industry stories.


Speakers During Event



I'm looking forward to presenting this week at the #eatpconf. Join me for my session, [insert session title], taking place on [insert date] at [insert time]. The session will be about [insert session topic]. Attend my session and others on hot topics in the industry!

Today is the day! Looking forward to discussing [insert session topic] during the #eatpconf. Join my co-presenters and me for our session, [insert session title], today at [insert time of session]. If you're not attending, register now! Find out more information at


Excited to be speaking and joining other #assessmentprofs at #eatpconf this week! You can still register at

Attending #eatpconf? I’m excited to speak and network in-person with fellow colleagues this week. Hope to see you there!