About the 2023 E-ATP Conference

We’re all on a collective mission to build better and more equitable testing experiences. Our community is constantly innovating with technology, policy, and practice.

Bring your stories and imagination and discuss the following topics:


All aspects of transforming the assessment process, from paper to digital, centre to remote, micro-credentials, and more.


Understanding the new expectations of candidates towards assessment. This may include matters to address a shift in their value of testing, issues relating to digital poverty, equity in assessment, and access.


Groundbreaking disruptive technologies on the horizon such as biometrics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning as well as new techniques in test design and delivery.


How the industry can personalise assessments and feedback to assist candidates in learning. Looking at tailored assessment that is responsive to the needs of industry and employment.


Tell us your story of something interesting, great, or useful that you or your clients and teams have done recently. Give practical guidance, describe lessons learnt, elaborate on the impact, or share ideas that might help future assessment programmes.


Addresses the goals, best practice, standards, and policies of establishing authentic assessment programs. Topics could also include securing your programme from threats and the economics of assessment.

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