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German BencciOPENING KEYNOTE: Tearing up the Certificates: The Measure Is Not the Target

Speaker: Germán Bencci, Founder, CodeYourFuture

Don't miss this Opening Keynote by Germán Bencci, Founder of CodeYourFuture, a tech community supporting disadvantaged people and refugees pursuing thriving careers in the tech industry. Germán will discuss how CodeYourFuture works to liberate learners from collecting endless pieces of paper and instead have them focus on building their own, individual, marketable skills.

At CodeYourFuture, they cancelled grading...and their outcomes improved. They give their learners the solutions and teach them how to review themselves. Their graduation criteria focuses on how their learners need to build the solutions, how they have to show them the solutions, if/how the solution fails, and what to do next.

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DAY TWO GENERAL SESSION: The Promise and Pitfalls of AI in European Assessment: An Executive Debate

Moderator: Neil Wilkinson, Pearson Vue

Panelists: John Kleeman, Learnosity; Ruben Garcia, Certiverse; Paul Edelblut, Vantage; Alina von Davier, Duolingo

Hear from top industry executives debating the use of generative AI in European assessments. Listen to a diverse range of industry viewpoints as we ask:

  • Does AI impact assessment accuracy and efficiency?
  • What are AI’s limitations?
  • Will AI displace human workers?
  • What are the intellectual property and security implications?

With robust debate, our presenters will show how to consider and deploy AI into European assessment appropriately and ethically.

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Oded VanunuCLOSING KEYNOTE: The Upside Down: Unraveling the Underworld of Cybercrime Syndicates

Speaker: Oded Vanunu, Head of Products Vulnerability Research at Check Point Software

Cybercrime is constantly evolving. It involves innovative thinking, experts, and hiring talent – everything a large organisation does, but with a different outcome: to achieve profitability illegally. Cybercrime expert, Oded Vanunu, Head of Products Vulnerability Research at Check Point Software, will take attendees through a deep dive session exploring underground roles and structures, including how they operate. We’ll also review major cyber-incidents. Join us to discover more about the cybercrime underworld!

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