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Willkommen aus Berlin!

Join us in Berlin for the 2024 E-ATP Conference where we aim to redefine our connection with assessment. As Europe's leading forum for assessment expertise, E-ATP connects a global community of innovators and experts, making it a pivotal event for those at the forefront of educational and professional testing.

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At this year’s conference, we’re focused on integrating the human element into the ever-evolving landscape of assessment technology. Our goal is to ensure that advancements in testing are innovative and guided by empathy and inclusivity. This approach champions assessments that are fair, accessible, and human-centred.

This is a unique opportunity to engage with the brightest minds in assessment, to share knowledge, and to contribute to shaping a future where technology enhances, rather than replaces, the human touch in education and professional development.

Beyond the professional enrichment, the E-ATP Conference promises to connect you with peers who share your passion for making a difference in the world of assessment.

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In Berlin, let’s come together
to shape a future that values people
just as much as progress.

Should I Attend?

All organisations that use assessments or are thinking about using assessments to measure achievement, competency or performance will find value in this conference. The assessment industry has expanded and continues to grow beyond the typical testing professions of the past.

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About the Venue

Experience the vibrant allure of Berlin with a touch of luxury at the Hilton Berlin. Situated in the heart of Germany's bustling capital, our hotel offers an upscale experience that embodies the essence of Berlin's rich history and contemporary culture.

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