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27 - 29 September 2017
Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin
Noordwijk, The Netherlands

(30 minutes from Amsterdam)

Assessing and Developing Lifelong Learners

Leadership. Engagement. Motivation.

The desire for continuous improvement in our education, career or life in general makes us all 'lifelong learners.' We develop skills and gain knowledge throughout our entire lives, all validated through assessment. The method of assessment can take many forms, such as an end of course exam, a project, a test to check learning, a recruitment tool or something a little more subtle such as recognition from our peers for a job well done. Join us at E-ATP to:

GAIN practical knowledge of the latest assessment technology and techniques to help you to deliver or design better testing programmes.

ADVANCE your own tests to ensure your business or organisation is getting the right skills and the right people in place.

ASSESS how other European or global organisations have used assessment to achieve success by listening to the speakers and cases studies being presented at the conference.

Join us in Lisbon as we discuss how lifelong assessment underpins lifelong learning. We’ll tackle this critical assessment-related topic, and many others! Don’t miss out.

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