Hybrid Conference

A hybrid event combines in-person experiences along with virtual experiences for attendees, speakers, and sponsors. This can take place in different ways for different conferences.

So, what does hybrid mean for the 2022 E-ATP Conference?

It means that the conference is being planned as a fully, in person conference in London, England, with informative content, exhibit hall, and networking opportunities galore!

It also means that a bit of the incredible in person content, as well as virtual only content, will be made available to all online attendees. But content is only part of the E-ATP conference experience. Virtual attendees will have the chance to learn from and connect with the sponsors, engage in virtual networking opportunities, and participate in discussions around industry challenges and opportunities.

And back to that in-person experience…our London delegates will benefit from both the in-person content and experiences, while having the ability to choose to take part in the content and events streaming virtually as described above. This is an event like no other, with opportunities like never before!

The 2022 E-ATP Conference has something for everyone, virtually and in-person. You simply can’t miss this year’s conference!


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